Who we are

UAB “Gitog” is a rapidly developing Company established in 2009 even though it has been accumulating experience for many years already. The main areas of activity thereof include construction, reconstruction, renovation, repair of residential and non-residential buildings, fitting and finishing of various premises, forestry work, and farm work

Our address:

Ežero g. 8-1, Šiauliai
+370 616 88698
Web site is : https://gitog.com

What personal information we collect and why we do it?

UAB Gitog is governed by the following basic principles of personal data processing:

  • Personal data are collected for specified and legitimate purposes.
  • Personal data are handled accurately and fairly.
  • Personal information is constantly updated.
  • Personal data are kept for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the data are processed.
  • Personal data are only processed by authorized employees.
  • All information about personal data processed is confidential.
  • All information about personal data processed is confidential.

Contact Forms

UAB Gitog respects every customer right to privacy. Your personal data (name, address, telephone number, email address and other information in the inquiry form) is collected and processed for the following purposes:

  • To respond to your requests;
  • Send you relevant information about our business, services;
  • Address issues related to freight or shipping;
  • Fulfill other contractual obligations.


What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that a website saves on your computer or mobile device when you visit it.

  • First-party cookies are cookies created by the site you’re visiting. The information stored on them can be read only by that website. The website may also use external services that also create their own cookies – these are third-party cookies .
  • Permanent cookies are cookies that are stored on the user’s computer and are not automatically removed when the browser is closed, unlike session cookies, which are removed as soon as the browser is closed.

Each time you visit the UAB Gitog website, you will be prompted to accept or reject cookies .

The purpose of cookies is to allow the site to memorize user preferences (such as username, language, etc.) for a period of time.

This way, you no longer have to specify them again as you browse different pages of your site in the same visit.

Cookies may also be used to collect anonymous statistics for browsing our sites.

How long we keep your data

If you write a request to us, its text and metadata are stored indefinitely. This is so that we can expand our contacts database and manage them in a secure way. Contact information collected will not be used for promotional purposes and will not be transferred to any third party without your consent. Personal data is stored and managed in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Lithuania.

Your Rights

If you have ever made an inquiry on our site, you may request a data export file containing all the personal data we have about you, including the information you have provided yourself. You may also require us to delete any personal data we hold about you. Both of these requirements do not apply to data that we are required to retain by law for administrative, legal or security purposes.

How We Protect Your Data

Data is transmitted between the server and the browser by encrypting the data with SSL, which protects your personal information from being stolen.

What data protection procedures do we use

The website of UAB Gitog is stored on the servers of UAB Cloudlix. For information on security measures for information stored on their servers, please refer to Privacy Policy.